A sixth sense for what’s around the corner

Published 10:02 am Friday, May 10, 2013

I had just been thinking of deer, and there they were.

If only I could harness my power for good …

Actually, in my past, I’ve had a couple of goose-bumpy psychic occurrences. But I’m not that interested in knowing the future. How’s that going to help anything except maybe knowing which particular asteroid is going to wipe us out. I’d much rather know my past; as in, what just happened, a second ago.

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If I were to have some kind of sixth sense, I’d be far more interested in knowing how my most recent column, which I had two-thirds written, suddenly disappeared from my computer screen into cyber space.

What the hell just happened?

Or the good natured teasing one has with a spouse that suddenly turns into a donnybrook, complete with snarling and slamming doors – how did that just spin out of control?

Or the Entenmann’s Rasberry Twirl coffee cake that I devoured, before reading that it “serves six.”

How on earth could I have done that – after a huevos rancheros omelette?

And a venti latte (I don’t even know what venti means, except that it costs $4).

But that’s life, isn’t it? We’re all in such a big hurry to know what’s around the corner, as opposed to the room we just entered.

Trying to remember why we decided to come in there in the first place.