Where were you?

Published 9:53 am Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where were you, all you good citizens of Polk county clamoring now for respect, humility and courtesy toward our elected county board members, during these last few years?

You proclaim to be longtime residents of this county, but only now demand decent behavior during meetings?

Where were you when our last elected county board members were vilified, mocked, verbally abused and some members even threatened during board meetings and in the press?

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Not a whimper came from your lips, not a word from under your pen…

How it comes you are demanding now that we let people “Do their job,” but not a hint of concern was voiced when a commissioner went and harassed (that is the proper term) Mr. Lynn Sprague, under the false pretense of “learning,” to the point of making him resign?

Where was your outcry when our democratic procedures were not being followed by this board as to firing public servants and implementing new policies?

Where were you?

And please, “being a Christian and loving God” should never be an excuse for complacency and does not equate with righteousness!

– Marie King, Tryon