Is there a free water club in the Tiny Kingdom?

Published 9:44 am Wednesday, April 17, 2013

To the editor:

Thank you my friend for the kind words concerning the editorial Water, water issues everywhere in the April 10 edition of the Tryon Daily Bulletin.

I’ll let the good people at the TDB know you wish them well in their search for the truth as to why and how the Tiny Kingdom’s water and sewer utility, with perhaps 1,000 customers can accrue $50,000 in delinquent water bills.

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Let’s run the numbers; let’s say the average monthly water bill is $125 and 200 customers (about 20 percent of the customer base) got two months behind in paying their bills, that would add up to $50,000. But, if 200 customers had their service cut off I should think the back fence crossing would be all-abuzz. So, we can assume that 200 customers have not had their water cut off. This now begs the question; is someone getting free water?

Perhaps all the government buildings in the Tiny Kingdom, and that includes parks and playgrounds that have water service and thus, have water meters that generate a monthly bill, but that receivable or debit never receives a credit or payment … so the question is, does The Tiny Kingdom pay for the water it consumes?

A bunch of us were talking the other day and we all liked the rumor going around that there’s a secret club, complete with a secret handshake that you can join and get free water. Well, you actually can’t simply join this club; you have to be elected. Is there any truth to the rumor?

We are all worried that the water rate will increase again. That’s been the track record for governments small and large. When government mismanages the people’s business and the debt gets too large, they simply increase the fees and taxes to try and cover the debt.

Another boondoggle about to be re-born is the Tiny Kingdom’s liquor store. Simply put, reopening that store is a bad business decision, and to borrow $30,000 to accomplish this makes it a ridiculous decision.

I don’t think much will change, because the good citizens of the Tiny Kingdom are obviously so wealthy they don’t seem to mind if their elected officials fail to perform management tasks above a mediocre level; and that my friend is truly sad.

– John Calure, Landrum