A call to cooperative action

Published 9:20 am Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Editors note: Carol Lynn Jackson substituted her words this week, asking Lee Mink to give his perspective on agriculture news in Polk County.

by Lee Mink

It is not often these days that we find a community effort that unites us across all political lines.

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The people of Polk County made a choice to maintain the rural character of the beautiful county in which we live. We took the future into our own hands; we volunteered effort, support and labor to define a direction and future for Polk County. None of this would have been possible without the unifying force of the Office of Agriculture and Economic Development, housed in the Mill Spring Agricultural Center.

The Office of Agriculture and Economic Development puts Polk County first. It transcends republican and democratic issues. With the ensuing departure of Lynn Sprague, director of agriculture and economic development, there has been an injection of political vitriol that will only serve to undo what we have worked so hard to create as a community.

The community takes pride in the fact that the office of ag development has created an image that has brought us to statewide attention. We are known throughout the state as a county that has created a local economy built around food, bringing new opportunities for the community to grow and prosper.

Now is the time for us to be proactive.

Let your county commissioners know that we must maintain the momentum we have established through the office of agriculture and economic development. Without it, we lose what so many have contributed time, money and voluntary labor to create.

We will accomplish more by continuing to work together, finding common ground and keeping personal agendas out of it.

Keep the office of agriculture and economic development.