Foothills Humane Society staff assists U.S. Veteran in Maine

Published 9:48 pm Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The staff of Foothills Humane Society (FHS) is well known for putting a lot of energy into their jobs. And recently FHS staff took their commitment to finding loving homes for their shelter animals to a new level.

Spearheaded by staff member Sharon Rose, FHS staff found a way to help a very special veteran in Maine.

Sharon received a call from Stanley Ouellette, an Army veteran, who had viewed dogs on the Foothills website. A specific animal, Chianti, caught his eye. He expressed interest in adopting this five month old Staffordshire bull terrier puppy.

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Rose immediately developed a plan for all staff to contribute to the adoption and transportation fees to get Chianti into the home of this veteran. Within forty eight hours, Mr. Ouellette’s adoption application was approved. Additionally she contacted a San Francisco based non-profit organization, U.S. Vets Adopt Pets.

This non-profit was willing to pay for a portion of the adoption and transportation fees to get Chianti to Mr. Ouellette in Maine. FHS staff then chipped in with their own personal money to pay the remainder of the funds necessary for Chianti to go to his new home. FHS Rescue Coordinator Dana Mayer arranged for Chianti to be transported by ground through an oncoming blizzard and six days later Chianti was in Stanford, Maine and ready to begin her training.

Mr. Ouellette trained dogs for the U.S. military. He reports that Chianti is perfect and learning quickly.
Barbara Teasdale, Founder of U.S. Vets Adopt Pets, said “I just got off the phone with Stan. He is so happy with Chianti! Thank you so much for all the work you did for Stan and all the veterans. Your special focus of knowing what kind of dog would work well with veterans is invaluable.”

FHS Executive Director Selena Coffey applauded Rose and the other staff, “I am so proud of our team. Every single day, I am humbled to see the hearts of our staff and their unwavering dedication to our animals and those who provide them with loving homes.”

The FHS mission is to find forever homes for animals. When this can occur with a veteran, there is extra pride.

“Although this is just a small way to thank our veterans for the sacrifice they make while protecting the freedoms each American enjoys, we will continue to do whatever it takes within our power to aid them,” noted Sharon Rose.

If you have an interest in adopting an animal from Foothills Humane Society, please call 828-863-4444, visit the shelter in Columbus or view adoptable animals at

– article submitted by Selena D. Coffey