Far worse than picketers

Published 9:32 am Friday, April 5, 2013

To the editor:

This is directed to the Tryon commissioners.  You are doing a commendable job in the way you are handling the proposed ordinance for picketers and protesters.  I would ask you to please consider one or two things while you are in discussion.

In the photo that was printed in the TDB showing the protesters from St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, it looked to me like those people were standing very near the curb.  In the photo, they were not blocking the sidewalk, and they were not causing a disturbance.

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However, in another situation, the “coffeehouse crowd”  takes up most of the sidewalk nearly every day.  Between them and the potted plants, it is an obstacle course that one must take in order to pass.  I don’t mean to break up the group, just have them not take up most of the sidedwalk. To me, this is far worse than picketers standing near the curb.

– Ann Cornay