Polk Co. sheriff’s office warns community of multiple scams

Published 5:26 pm Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is warning citizens and making them aware of money scams that are going around the county.
As the economy remains tough and unstable there are individuals who continue to be creative of ways to profit at others’ expense.

There are three scams that have been reported recently that the public needs to be aware of and not participate in them. Most of these fraudulent operations prey on the elderly in a means of convincing them that their business is a legitimate operation in which the victim then sends money, which is often funneled into oversea accounts such as Jamaica and most recently Russia.

Once cash is sent or a check is cashed, the chance of law enforcement being able to recover your loss is non-existent. Locl law enforement agencies do not have the authority and resources to go overseas to investigate and the Federal Bureau of Investigation will generally not get involved either unless it involves a significant amount of currency.

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If you receive information or a telephone call from an organization identifying themselves as the National Retirement Security Task Force offering you Insurance to protect you when the government seizes everyone’s Social Security/Medicare, do not participate.

This is a group of people contacting recipients of Social Security and Medicare informing them that if the individual participates and sends them a certain amount of money each month is that of insurance for when the federal government takes everyone’s Social Security and Medicare or when these programs allegedly go bankrupt. This is a complete fictitious program that does not exist and is a way for these people to gain your money.

Beware of paving crews in the area who are offering homeowners to get their driveways paved at a very low price. They are informing the homeowner that they have leftover asphalt from another job in the area and need to dispose of it. They start and run out of material and leave to go get more along with monies you have already paid them, but they never return.

Also, if you receive a phone call from someone stating you have won money all you have to do is send them a certain amount for processing or for the taxes, this too is fraudulent. Scams such as these are creating thousands of victims who are losing thousands of dollars that is untraceable and unable to get back.

If you have questions or concerns about an offering and you are not certain of its validity, please contact your area law enforcement before following through with the offer.

– article submitted by Det/Sgt. Randall R. Hodge