Taking a trip to Courthouse Creek Falls

Published 9:28 am Monday, March 18, 2013

Courthouse Creek Falls

Courthouse Creek Falls

There’s a good chance WNC has more water waterfalls per square inch than anyplace in the world. That may seem a bit extreme, and I have not done the research to find out if that is true, but even if it doesn’t, WNC has more waterfalls than most people will see in a lifetime.
There are some big name waterfalls in our area. Whitewater, Toxaway, Connestee, Linville, the list is a long one. And while I enjoy them all, there is something about the ones not often seem that has a special draw to them.
I have discovered many over the years, most while fishing the wild trout streams that flow down the steep draws of the Appalachian mountains. Many of them have no name, no directions on how to get there, or no star on a tourist map. But these “off the beaten path” falls are worth the efforts to locate them.
Courthouse creek is home to Courthouse falls. A fairly well known set of falls. But the forest service road in takes you by or near several lesser known ones. The first one is shortly after the turn off of highway 215. it’s a feeder creek that runs parallel to highway 215 and falls into Courthouse creek. Its literally just a few feet from the highway and its probably safe to say countless people pass it and never know its there.
A short distance on up Courthouse creek you will find one of the tallest falls I have seen. It comes strait off the side of the mountain. It would be rather hard to see in the summer, but the bareness of winter reveals it nicely. The fall appears to go on forever. I really want to get a good shot of this fall but I haven’t found a very good or safe way to get it.

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