It never gets easy

Published 9:08 am Friday, March 15, 2013

The next day I went to the shelter to visit some of the kids and to say goodbye to Muffin.  I then went to Landrum vet to visit Buster and check on Opal, the hurting basset hound. I took little Buster for a walk then let him loose in the waiting room for a while midst all  the oohs and aahs.  I brought him back to his cage area and went to check on Opal.  Dr. Maiolo told me he had called the owners and recommended Opal be put to sleep.  “Why?” I said, heartbroken at the thought.  “She’s suffering Lennie; she has internal problems that are causing severe pain.”  “Can’t we give her something for that Doc?”  “It wouldn’t help Lennie; you know I’d help her if I could.”  “I’m sorry Tommy, I just wasn’t expecting this, I’m gonna go say goodbye to the poor thing.”

That evening I received the final blow of the day when Jeanette Larsen called me crying and said, “We lost Misty today.”  I’ve spoken of the Larsen’s often; they have rescued more infirmed animals than anyone I know.  It is by far my favorite place to visit as her great group of kids shower me with much more love and attention than I deserve.  I’ve known Misty, their sweet Bijon Frieze for more than five years now.  Misty was 14 years old and suffering from lung cancer.  We all knew the end was near and she had everything she needed to keep her comfortable.  I guess along with Bert and Jeanette I was hoping for just a little more time.  Whether I’ve known them for days, months or years, the loss of one of my kids always has the same effect.  Once I’ve looked into their eyes, they’re blended in with all the others I’ve known and their countenance becomes etched upon my soul.  Though it is inevitable, losing one of my kids is never easy and I don’t expect it ever will be.  I suppose I received good advice a few days ago, I cannot love them all back to health but I’ll be darned if I’m not going to try.

Thanks for listening.

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