Breeding part of major problem

Published 9:23 am Friday, March 15, 2013

And I hope Mr. Speight’s grandchildren see all the volunteers working in the shelters to take care of the animals – feeding them, walking them, cleaning their kennels, taking photos and videos to network them online, and finally, holding them and giving them treats just before they’re killed so their last moments aren’t spent alone and afraid.

Thousands and thousands of people spend their free time and money trying desperately to get shelter animals out and into homes only to discover that most of them die before their rescue can be accomplished. The rescuers grieve and cry (and curse breeders like Mr. Speight), and then they go right back to the shelter and try to save another one.

On behalf of those selfless people who rescue, network, foster, raise or donate money, transport, treat, care for, adopt or simply hold shelter animals as they die, I beg Mr. Speight and others like him to spay and neuter their pets. Set a better example for your grandchildren. If you’re unwilling to be a part of the solution, please stop causing the problem.

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Tootsie will thank you too.

~ Susan McNabb