Commission considers monitors for audience

Published 9:48 pm Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Polk County Commissioners are considering adding a projector/monitor to the commission meeting room in order to project board members’ packets so audience members can follow.

Commissioners met March 4 with commissioner Ray Gasperson making the suggestion.

Gasperson said he’s heard from people who attend meetings who’ve said it would be helpful if the county had its pages on a projector.

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The county already has a projector with some items projected on a screen and speakers who present at meetings are able to project their presentations when they have powerpoints, but most of the information the audience does not see.

“I think it would be a great service,” Gasperson said. “Sometimes they have trouble hearing what we’re saying.”

Agendas are available to the audience but commissioners and the media get other information in a packet emailed prior to each meeting.

Commissioner Tom Pack said this is one area he agrees with Gasperson. Pack suggested monitors for the audience and wireless microphones for commissioners. He said the projector would allow someone who comes to present a topic the opportunity to lay their papers on a projector if they don’t have their presentation on a powerpoint.

Commissioners came to a consensus to look into costs and bring the topic back for further discussion.