Harmonious coexistence

Published 8:32 am Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Obviously, the job of a wildlife officer is not to monitor, protect and study wildlife… and certainly not to educate the public so as to promote a safe and harmonious coexistence between man and his environment, nor to teach humane methods of curbing wildlife problems… just look up their job description on their website, or listen to our officer.

The only answer given by our officer at the commission meeting on Feb. 4 to cases of rabid animals and overflowing rivers, was to kill all furry creatures, and to do it faster than it is already permitted, advocating the use of antiquated methods like trapping, at a larger scale.

Are the wildlife officers not in a position to offer other long-lasting alternatives beside killing, which is irreversible?

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Pet ownership, as well as land ownership and farming, demands dedication, acceptance of responsibilities, and requires commitment and thoughtful studies to find solutions that are not “knee jerking” responses or “quick fixes.”

Offering people only trapping and hunting as options to safeguarding their way of life is a mockery of their  intelligence, their love and dedication to their land and its beautiful diversity, and to their pledge as citizens of a nation under God’s care.

– Marie King, Tryon