Town manager fired

Published 7:27 pm Thursday, February 21, 2013

To the editor:

When I read that the newly-hired city manager had been fired, I felt certain her firing was not for job performance issues. From all I had read, she was doing a great job. I also felt as John Calure did that the reasons given were bogus (change of direction, blah, blah, blah).

When the article said the decision was unanimous, I was certain there was a bigger story. Unanimous? Really?

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Now I find out that it wasn’t unanimous at all. Three men (Miller, Arbogast and Woody) decided her fate without so much as a hearing or evaluation.) I assume those who absented themselves were either not in favor of her firing or wanted to distance themselves from it. To me, they acted in a cowardly fashion. (Don’t we need some stout-hearted women on the council?)

We don’t know the true story but I bet it would rival some of the doings at Downton Abbey. Perhaps she offended one of the three, perhaps by standing up for her values. After all, ‘the boss’ prefers and demands compliance.

This horribly executed termination reflects badly on Tryon. Now they’re advertising for a new town manager.

Who’d want such a toxic position? Certainly not another young person with star potential looking to build a career. (‘What? Take a job in Tryon! Are you crazy?’) And how much is this repetitive hiring and firing costing Tryon. (Yep, as Calure stated, water rates will be going up.)

I wish the former town manager luck. I believe she will be a star in another, better-governed town.

– Dorothy Kirk, Tryon