A chance at life

Published 7:34 pm Thursday, February 21, 2013

Approximately 8 weeks ago, 9 Am-Staff pups were born at a breeder. Four died, three had problems and two viable pups were kept. Mom was sold because the breeder deemed her useless as the fifth sickly pup was allowed to die.

Jessica rescued the remaining two and called me for help because the much larger female had a bulging eye and the smaller male was dragging his hind legs.

Around a month ago, Heather, who owns my precious Jewel (pun intended), called about a Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix that was in trouble.

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“He’s only a few months old and he walks like a spider,” Heather tearfully explained.  I’d learned that he was being sold at a roadside flea market along with other pups and was given to its new owner for free.

“They have other dogs and don’t have the means to care for Buster,” Heather went on, “nor do they intend to, I believe.”

“I could only try to help if they’ll give up the dog,” I replied, “I don’t intend the effort and put Buster back in the same environment.”

Brad and Heather have done wonders with Jewel whom I consider one of my showcase kids and I will do what I can for Heather because I trust her heart.