In regards to the trapping debate

Published 9:17 am Wednesday, February 20, 2013

To the editor:

I’m going to try to take a few minutes to explain some of the reasons that there are people that support the trapping bill, one of them being me.

I know it won’t change minds, but here goes.

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1. It’s a money thing,

Well yes and no. It isn’t to make money off of the pelts. There isn’t a single fur outlet in western North Carolina. But, when a coyote attacks a calf, colt, goat or family pet there is a considerable cost associated with it. When a beaver floods a field or causes a bridge to wash out there is a huge expense in repairing the damage. My family has experienced both.

2. Pets could be caught.

Yes they could, but they could just as easily be attacked by a coyote. Do a search for coyote pet attacks in North Carolina and you will see how many attacks there are. And also, if your pet is under your control it should never be where the traps are located. That is your responsibility as a pet owner.