St. Luke’s urges community to know all the risks of obesity

Published 9:07 am Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Each year obesity related conditions cost over $150 billion and cause an estimated 300,000 premature deaths in the United States.

Everyone knows that obesity is linked to heart disease and diabetes, but what about the many other ways obesity can damage your health? St. Luke’s Hospital wants you to be aware of these dangers linked to obesity.

Carrying too many pounds may lead to or worsen some types of cancer, arthritis and sleep apnea.

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A recent poll completed by The Associated Press-Center for Public Affairs Research found that few Americans realize the consequences of obesity and link between obesity and these diseases.

When asked about the most serious consequences of obesity, the poll determined that most can correctly name heart disease and diabetes, but the other consequences aren’t so well known.

“People are sometimes shocked to hear how extensive the effects of obesity are,” said Thomas Dashiell, MD and Hospitalist at St. Luke’s Hospital. “For example, obesity increases the risk of developing cancers of the colon, breast and other areas. Plus, being overweight can make it harder to spot tumors early and to treat them.”