Can a christian school survive in Polk County?

Published 9:12 am Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To the editor:

Home school? Public school? Expensive private school? Local residents have many options to consider when determining the course of education for their children. But one option that Polk County residents have not had recently is an affordable christian school. And while some have seen the obstacles and asked “why bother,” others are seeing the opportunity and are asking, “why not?” The questions concerning success appear to be many. Foremost, is there an interest in a christian school here? Secondly and possibly more importantly, can enough funds be raised to even get a christian school of off the ground? Also do we have enough people interested in a christian education for their kids to fill it? Are the public schools already fullfilling the needs of Polk County families?

After the shooting in Conneticut some of the public dialogue has tried to determine if taking God out of the schools has really been the best option for our children. Some say the advantages of a christian school are plainly evident. Along with a strong spiritual foundation christian schools offer smaller class sizes, less cost to teach per student, rigorous scholastic standards, and a larger opportunity for parents to be involved.

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“There’s a gap in choice when it comes to christian education” says local resident Adrian Gschwend Hammond of Green Creek “and we as concerned parents have a responsibility to stand in this particular gap for the sake of our kids. “That’s one of the many reasons Polk County residents Eric and Adrian Hammond have begun to gauge interest in a christian school in Tryon.

“It seems like an impossible sea to cross to make this a reality, but we are willing to fight for it if others are willing to stand with us in support.”

The cost of starting an academic christian school in Polk County  such as this is conservatively estimated at $14,000 according to an initial budget annalysis.

“We know we don’t have the means right now to make this happen on our own,” commented Eric Hammond, but if God is willing He will provide in His time and not our own.”

In the end Polk County residents themselves will play a large role in deciding if a Christian school will be viable here.

Until then we will all have to wait and see. For more information or to help support the Polk County christian school initiative contact Eric Hammond at 828-489-2697.

– Eric Hammond, Tryon