Trapping: response communicated from Rep. Chris Whitmire

Published 3:19 pm Friday, February 8, 2013

To the editor:

After I attended the commissioners meeting on Feb. 4 where the resolution to allow trapping in Polk County was discussed, it was apparent to me that the commissioners had made up their minds to go forward no matter how many people expressed their opposition.

The commissioners would not even discuss delaying the request to legalize trapping so that people on both sides of the issue could become better informed. I wrote to Rep. Chris Whitmire. In his response, which was curt, he stated “an overwhelming number favor this.” My response to Rep. Whitmire and the Polk commissioners is – “Where is there a vote, a poll, anything to back up this statement? If such document(s) exist I would like to see them.”

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Rep. Whitmire offered no data at all to back up his statement. It appears that Mr. Whitmire has made up his mind, regardless of voter input.

Wonder why? I have my ideas.

– Kaye Cannon, Columbus