It’s always about my kids

Published 6:59 pm Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lennie’s kids

For the past few weeks many personal things have been occupying my time and thoughts. I’ve often explained there are many cases not told.  I do this so those who have and continue to contribute to my kids understand their monies do get to help and save lives.

Gidget who was adopted from the humane society has developed a rare degenerative eye disease. She is a Chihuahua mix that is much loved and the medicine to keep her disease in check is fairly expensive. Lennie’s Fund is paying for her medicine and Dr. Maria at Cloverfield is helping by keeping her fees to a minimum. The last word I received is that for the time being Gidget’s problem is in remission. I received a sweet message of thanks from Gidget’s owner and those thanks and blessings extend to all of you.

My sweet Patches, a female pit pup I wrote of a few years ago, had a problem with her toe and it was feared she might lose it. I had originally called her Angel because she was sent to me to teach me a lesson of who I should help or not help. Patches, who is much loved and much bigger now, shook her whole body with excitement when I visited her at Landrum Vet. I promised her Uncle Lennie would never forget her and would do all he could to help. Patches’ toe has been saved, it’s healing wonderfully and she’s as good as new. To her family’s credit, they are doing all they can to pay back Lennie’s Fund so that we can help others.

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