Life enjoyed under softer, warm light

Published 12:56 pm Friday, January 25, 2013

“An absolute patience.

Trees stand

up to their knees in

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fog. The fog

slowly flows



cobwebs, the grass 

leaning where deer 

have looked for apples.

The woods

from brook to where

the top of the hill looks

over the fog, send up

not one bird.

So absolute, it is

no other than

happiness itself, a breathing

too quiet to hear.” 

~ Denise Levertov,

The Breathing

Do you ever go in restaurants and stores: then notice that the overhead lights are harsh and too bright? Perhaps I’m a lone complainer, but I do not like those new energy efficient fixtures … at least not the cold light the new-style bulbs emit. (I do like the savings!) Surely there must be a way to make them look a bit more ‘friendly,’ maybe a warm-colored transparent cover of some sorts that makes a pleasant glow, rather than a direct glare, which is hard on the eyes.

I’ve even taken some thinned down soft pink-orange acrylic paint and fixed my own that bug me; that works too. Mercy, those lights make one look like a funeral home back-room project! Let’s face it, food and people look so much better in a softer warmer light overhead. It seems like good marketing to have ambient, friendly warm lighting in a restaurant, much more conducive to an enjoyable meal; yet, time and time again, no one else but me seems to notice or even care. I guess you can say I’m ‘all lit up’ about something, that’s for certain.