Lure selection continued

Published 2:36 pm Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lures are, left side top to bottom, Zara Spook, Super Spook Jr. and Zara Puppy. Right column, top to bottom, White skirt buzz bait and Storm Wiggle Wart. (photo submitted)

Lets pick up from last time.

To finish the crank baits out, you need some shallow runners. These work best in warmer water, or when fish are shallow and aggressive.

Storm Wiggle Warts, Mann’s Minus series and a host of other brands have good shallow running cranks. I like more shad or bluegill colors in warm weather. White is good too as it imitates the native gizzard shad that calls out local lakes home. Again, I am not a fan of rattles, but many of the wide wobblers come with rattles so “whataya” do?

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Lets put jerk baits and wake baits here too. Floating jerk baits are excellent in spawning times, while suspending jerk baits are a good weapon in cold waters of winter. Although the overpriced Pointer baits by Lucky Craft get all the attention, and I’m sure they work, I like the Smithwick Pro Rogue. The black/ gold, with orange belly is my preference. Blue and silver is a good color too in clearer warmer water.