Such a good boy

Published 9:34 am Friday, December 28, 2012

Leonard Rizzo and Soldier

Lennie’s Kids fund now has its tax-free account up and running. If you wish to contribute before the end of the year, you can contact Lennie Rizzo at 828-859-5835 and he will explain the procedure. All donations will remain anonymous unless otherwise specified. Lennie’s Kids provides medical care to abused and neglected animals through donations from the community. 

I’d like to begin this year-end tale with an update on two previous cases.

Rocco the sweet little brindle Boxer mix has been adopted. He now lives on Persimmon Hill, a road I once called Foothills Humane Society South, because there are so many of my kids and supporters there. I met Rocco’s new owner and it seems like a perfect fit; kudos to his foster parents who did such a magnificent job with him.

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Tyrion was nearly adopted but the sweet people just weren’t ready for a dog. I think their intention was to do it just for me and under those circumstances their decision was a wise one. There are some great pictures of Tyrion doing the obstacle course on Facebook, check it out. As I stated before, he could be a twin brother to Buck now Bandit. I’ve decided that whoever adopts him should perhaps rename him Robber, it fits in so many ways and after all, he is a thief of hearts.

In last week’s tale I told of the plight of Soldier, the magnificent red pit. He’s begun going for daily walks with me and I can’t begin to tell you how intelligent and loving is this boy. After our walks I’ve begun taking him into the waiting room where he’s shown how wonderfully he interacts with people and other animals of all sorts.  Last week a little boy was in with his mom and their short-haired King Charles spaniel.  The little boy seemed anxious to pet Soldier so I gave him a treat to give to him.  Tears flooded my eyes as I watched Soldier joyfully accept the attention the child was giving him.

During his photo shoot many of the staff were standing around watching and Soldier was frantically trying to wash as many faces as he could. I may be naïve but I couldn’t help but blurt out, “He’s such a good boy, I believe there’s a good boy in every one of them. All we have to do is learn how to go in there and find him.”

After the holidays I will attempt to take Soldier up to Dogwood Farms for some R&R, unless some lucky family decides to take him to a forever home, which he so richly deserves.