Tryon to reinstate street captains

Published 12:42 pm Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Town of Tryon is looking for neighborhood captains to gather medical and emergency information from residents.

During its November meeting, town council discussed restarting a former initiative for street captains that never got off the ground years ago.

Tryon Town Manager Caitlin Martin said street captains would be chosen in every community who could provide vital information in case of an emergency. The idea never took off with only one community gathering information from neighbors to turn over to police previously.

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Mayor Pro-Tem Roy Miller said the idea was visited about five years ago and Beryl Dade of the Eastside Community was the only person to collect information to turn into the police department.

Martin said the information would help emergency personnel in cases of extreme disaster.

The street captain would be charged with gathering information from residents such as medical issues so emergency workers would know each community’s needs in case of a disaster.

Council directed Martin to move forward with implementing the street captain program.

Anyone interested in becoming a street captain can contact Tryon Town Hall at 859-6656 for more information.