Pitiful pits

Published 11:44 am Saturday, December 22, 2012


I very much wished to have my Christmas tale regarding Joey, the inbred Chihuahua, who was born missing his front legs, but alas his new cart hasn’t arrived yet.

I am receiving photos and messages depicting how well he’s doing and I can attest that he’s safe, sound and very much loved in his new home.

I am currently becoming involved with two cases whose tales may or may not be told, a 3 year old cat (Mittens) who swallowed a metal strip and a blind stray poodle.  Too soon to tell what the outcomes will be but rest assured I’ll do whatever I can to help these poor kids somehow.

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On May 14, Bobbi Shannon brought Soldier to Landrum Vet and that was the first time I met him; all I knew was that he was one of Bobbi’s rescues. The poor boy was suffering with a case of Demodectic mange so bad that you couldn’t find a patch of hair on his body. Besides also having a yeast infection, he had scabs from his worrying the irritation. I was shocked when I learned that Soldier was only a year old, he looked like such a pitiful old man.

He was turned over to Bobbi by his owner who said he could not afford to care for his problem, I don’t even want to go into how his condition was allowed to get so bad.  My two dear friends, Bobbi and Dr. Donna Raines have absorbed all the expenses for his care all these months and at last Soldier had a negative scraping for mange in November.

Soldier has emerged as a magnificent red pit and is just awesome to behold. He has become thoroughly attached to the staff at Landrum vet and who can blame him, talk about a great group of wonderful ladies. The problem is that he barks at anyone else who comes near his cage and though he’s harmless, he certainly doesn’t look it.  A few weeks ago, as a favor to Donna, I began to visit Soldier daily.  Two days ago his barking ceased when he heard my voice, except for a bark of greeting with his tail wagging. I will soon begin taking him for walks away from the clinic.

I have spoken with Amber (Promise) about Soldier and she went to visit.

“He’s magnificent,” Promise said, “send me photos and info and I will put him on my Pitiful Pits website. I can’t see any reason why we can’t get him into a good home.”  Amber found a perfect home for my dear Misty and is doing wonders with Muffin, the frightened little Boxer who had five pups, four of which survived.  Along with that she has recently rescued Juliet and is caring for her along with her seven new pups. I have Prince, an abused pit Promise has saved, currently at Landrum vet receiving heartworm treatment to be paid for by Lennie’s Fund. It was an honor to help this sweet shy boy for Amber, if you recall last week’s tale (“We all share the same cause”) I now consider Amber solidly one of us.

Over the years I have often prayed for my precious kids whose problems seemed insurmountable. I can’t begin to tell you how often those prayers have been heard and answered.

During this Christmas season I have a simple message to all my angels, both here on earth and above, “From the bottom of my heart, Thanks for listening.”

Lennie’s Kids fund now has its tax-free account up and running. If you wish to contribute before the end of the year, you can contact Lennie Rizzo at 828-859-5835 and he will explain the procedure. All donations will remain anonymous unless otherwise specified. Lennie’s Kids provides medical care to abused and neglected animals through donations from the community.