Half mile restriction on groups home too limiting

Published 12:36 pm Saturday, December 22, 2012

Columbus council leaders followed the call of Holly Hills’ residents and approved a restriction prohibiting group homes from locating less than a half a mile from any other group home within city limits.

Unfortunately the needs of another segment of Columbus residents, and potential residents, did not ring as loudly. Those who live in Holly Hills said they were concerned that another group home locating in their neighborhood would jeopardize their property values and add to traffic problems.

Yet, they also admit they have had no problems with the individuals living in the group home that has been in their community for about a decade. This means no loud disturbances in the middle of the night, no loitering and no violent acts.

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Group homes serve our communities by helping individuals with disabilities enjoy a better quality of life and contribute to society. Supervisors within the homes ensure these individuals have groceries, take their medication if needed, have help fixing leaks or keeping the grass mowed.

Wouldn’t you prefer to have neighbors who live in such a supportive environment? It’s those of us trying to make it through life without help who often don’t get around to cutting the grass, replacing shingles on the roof or tearing down a decrepit shed.