The Peanut Man of Campobello Jim Parres

Published 5:28 pm Monday, December 3, 2012

Lucus Belue of Landrum says Parres’ peanuts are “the best boiled peanuts.” He always stops to purchase a bag or two for himself and his wife to enjoy while watching evening TV. Parres surprised Belue by stopping by his mothers’ Blue Moon real estate office on Halloween with bags of peanuts.

“The best trick or treat of my life,” Belue said.

Parres said he “wants people to know you can be a success whatever your story.” Living with severe Dyslexia, Parres cannot read or write. He said he still fights the lifelong stigma of Dyslexia he has lived with for more than 60 years.  Parres has overcome the challenging obstacle of this disability proving to himself he can be a success.

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Every Wednesday you’ll find him driving another type of vehicle, the visitor’s golf cart at St. Luke’s Hospital parking facility.

Parres has a sense of humor and he puts it to good use when transporting visitors.

“It makes me feel good to bring a smile and laugh to my passengers,” he said.