Democrat candidates best for Polk

Published 3:59 pm Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To the editor:

We in North Carolina have had the rare distinction of seeing both presidential campaigns pay extraordinary attention to and pour resources into our state; however, I worry that our state and local elections have gotten less scrutiny and debate than they deserve.

Having been a Polk County property owner for 30-plus years, I have seen the county grow considerably in population.

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In my humble opinion, the present Democratic majority of Polk County Commissioners has been instrumental in both financial stewardship and visionary in managing responsible growth in the county.

For our children’s’ tomorrow and our property values today, this good governance must continue. I welcome the opportunity to vote for Renee McDermott’s re-election on Nov 6.

I have been to commissioner’s meetings and witnessed the fragile balance between public good and private agenda setting. As such, I am heartened to support “Public service for the public good.”

It is paramount to the future of Polk County to support Ms. McDermott’s leadership and experience by also electing candidates Russell Mierop and Emily Hyder Bartlett.

I feel so strongly about this that the idea of returning to a Republican majority that is hotheaded and heedless frightens me.

I want what is best for our schools, and for this very special unique place – Polk County –  that many have chosen to call home.  Polk County is my main concern in this coming election.  As such, I encourage all my fellow citizens to carefully consider the alternatives and the respective consequences that a change in the majority would mean for our future.

My vote will be cast for the local Democratic slate of candidates for county commissioner and most enthusiastically for the re-election of Renee McDermott.

– John Catalano, Columbus