More than 3k early votes cast in Polk

Published 9:33 am Friday, October 26, 2012

Campaign volunteers Jurgen Forster and Nancy Cormack stand outside the Polk County Courthouse with signs encouraging voters to select one of their candiates. (photos by Leah Justice)

Democrats lead slightly in early votes

Polk County voters have already turned out almost 22 percent of its registered voters in the first week of early voting.

As of the end of Wednesday, Oct. 24, Polk had 2,933 turned out for one-stop voting and by 5 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 25 there were 3,327 votes cast.

Clark Moffit studies the ballot before making his choices.

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So far, democrats have cast slightly more votes than republicans, unaffiliated and libertarian voters. As of the close of Wednesday, Oct. 24 voting, 1,117 democrats had voted, compared to 989 republicans, 826 unaffiliated and one libertarian.

Polk County residents can still register to vote during early voting as long as they vote after registering. So far, the county has added a few new voters. The first day of early voting, Thursday, Oct. 18 saw eight new voters and the county picked up an additional four as of Wednesday, Oct. 23.

Currently (as of 1 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 25), there are 15,214 registered Polk County voters. Of those, republicans lead with 5,332 with unaffiliated next at 4,985, then democrats with 4,858 and Libertarians with 39 registered voters.

Women have cast more one-stop votes than men so far with 1,615 of the total. Men have cast 1,303 and 15 have filled out forms undetermined.

Racial demographics have also determined that 2,680 whites have cast votes early so far, 205 black, seven multi-racial, two Asian, two American Indian, 13 other and 24 undecided.

Polk has many decisions to make this year both locally, statewide and nationally. Besides the presidential election, voters will choose numerous positions for county and state positions.