Published 5:41 pm Thursday, October 25, 2012

To the editor:
This morning I had the pleasure of a walk around the track at Harmon field. I resisted walking when I first thought of it, It is cold, it is breezy, my feet will hurt and I will be breathing heavy; were all excuses I had to cut through to make it happen.
I need to walk each day (even though I don’t walk most days), because I am blessed with a warm house and television, a warm office to work from and an abundance of good food. I love all these things so I have to walk.
I finally worked up my determination and began stretching, then started the slow walk to begin my journey. I planned to walk about a mile. With the first step, the breeze blew through the leaves of the trees lining Harmon field road and urged me on with a chorus A-H-H-H  Y-E-S. My scowl that had worked its way up to my face began to melt. I took some more steps and rounded the first turn and heard the birds singing and watched the killdeer zig-zagging across the soccer field scolding me for disrupting their morning breakfast of worms and grass critters.
By the time I completed the first lap my thoughts moved to the upcoming Foothills CROP Walk. Being a CROP Walker, supporter and organizer for many years I have few facts that are embedded in my head. As I reached the half mile lap breathing heavily, I contemplated the children and women in Africa who walk miles to carry home the 3-5 gallons of water they use per day.

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