Make the right choice

Published 9:17 am Friday, October 19, 2012

To the editor:
The President cannot raise or lower taxes, eliminate tax deductions or pass health care laws. Only Congress can do this.
In 2008, we had a Democrat House and Senate. The President forced through Congress a health care law the majority of citizens opposed. Tea Parties were formed to oppose the direction our government was headed.
In 2010, we elected a Republican majority in the House. The President could no longer force his legislation through Congress. He started using executive orders to circumvent Congress. This is not the way our founding fathers intended our government to be run.
We have a presidential candidate with firm family values. He is a successful businessman. When the Olympic committee was losing money, he took over and made it profitable. He was governor of Massachusetts when it had a Democrat legislature. He was able to work with them to get a health care law passed that the people were happy with.
Terrorism continues to be a problem. We continue to have high unemployment. If you are unemployed and can find a job it is probably pays less than the one you lost. Our economy is in the doldrums. The national debt is soaring and China is our financier. Our standard of living is sinking. Health care costs more than it did before the new law was passed.
On Nov. 6, we have a chance to replace a failed administration. Let us not make a mistake!
– Joe Jackan, Tryon

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