Credit where credit is due

Published 9:53 am Friday, October 19, 2012

To the editor:
I am writing this letter because of an experience recently at the Columbus Farm Festival.
George Alley was standing at the Polk County Republican Party booth chatting with both passers-by and members working at the booth. As a Republican, this scene really struck me because I know that George Alley is the Democratic candidate for N.C. House District 113.
In these very partisan times, it feels as though no one is willing to step away from his or her party and try to find common ground across the aisle. Mr. Alley literally walked across the street, passing over that yellow line separating the two booths, and went straight up to the Republicans working the booth to say hello. Such a gesture reminds me that even though we may be members of different political parties, we are still community members, neighbors, relatives and friends.
Before we attack each other over our differences, let’s take a lesson from George and remember we have commonalities as well.
For the sake of our community, kids and families, let’s try to resolve our differences through reason and debate.
George Alley deserves to be recognized for his willingness to reach across party lines and put the people of Polk, Henderson and Transylvania Counties first.
Please consider your vote for George Alley, N.C. House District 113!
– Chris Amato, Tryon

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