Ups, downs, highs and lows

Published 7:35 pm Thursday, October 18, 2012


It is the Tuesday after my Bark in the Park fundraiser, an event that is growing larger and more fun each year.
Elaine and I are sharing birthdays this week, cards, letters, packages and phone calls are pouring in. Michelle, our youngest, sent me a yard ornament of an angel holding a kitten in its arms, I am touched and I call her and tell her so.
Earlier in the day Dr. Raines and I visited the Upstate clinic, I with Lazarus and Donna with her Ruby. X-rays show Lazarus has healed perfectly and her Ruby’s knees are on the mend. Lazarus receives his final shots and tags and I deliver him back in the loving and caring arms of Joe.
On Wednesday I have an opening in my schedule and I go visit Rex, the emaciated Boxer from the shelter in his new home. He has topped 45 pounds and is thriving but he still has at least 15 or 20 to go. He is playful and I receive the dance of joy along with many kisses. He and Clementine, their Beagle, get along like they were litter mates and I leave his new home thoroughly pleased.
I arrive home and there’s a package from my Kimberly in Afghanistan. I open it and there’s a beautiful coalition shirt along with a pin and a bumper sticker acknowledging me as a blue star dad. I also receive a $100 check for Lennie’s Kids.
As tears roll down my cheeks, I pray that I’ll never become a gold star dad.
The phone rings and I learn that an 80-year-old woman has found an old tiny Yorkie mix that is in pretty bad shape. The shelter is closed and the sweet folks who now have her ask if I can help. I tell them to get her down to Landrum vet. An hour later I receive the call and I rush over to the vets. They’ve named her Lucy and she has been neglected for a very long time.
She is 4 ½ pounds and her breed is actually undetermined but cute as all get out and very loving. She had a heart murmur, badly rotted teeth with one tooth elongated, an extended belly and all her bones could be felt. The whole staff was smitten by her, especially sweet Kim, who told me she’s eaten a little but is having trouble.  I wrote a check for $500 and begged Donna to do what she can to save her. Donna nodded and promised to do so and once again had the whole staff in tears. I gave Lucy a kiss, sent up some prayers and left her in the best hands I could.
Earlier that evening I received a call from Nancy and her daughter Raven, who had Roscoe, my little black Pom. They were returning him to Landrum vet because they couldn’t control his urinating. They loved him dearly but because they are renting and had to leave him alone during work and school hours, the problem was too much to overcome.  I called Josh and Astrid at Dogwood Farms and they agreed to board him for me. 

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