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Published 12:40 pm Friday, September 28, 2012

Rex. (photo submitted)

Our animal control officer, Mike Herman, (Cowboy) brought the case before the magistrate and Rex was seized.  Sometimes I wonder how my good friend keeps his wits about him as he deals with sick, stray and injured animals, along with what I consider the dregs of humanity.  Rex’s case was deemed animal cruelty because of lack of food, available shelter or clean water. His hips and ribs were severely protruding and this sweet boy simply looked pitiful.
He is a tan Boxer about 1 ½ years old who arrived at the shelter on September 4th weighing in slightly over 35 pounds.  Rex was nearly half the weight he normally should be but thank God he is heartworm negative.  He is being fed five times a day and I weighed him just before these photos were taken, he’s reached 41 pounds and is on his way.
When I first saw Rex my heart literally got stuck in my throat.  I went into his cage, wrapped my arms around him and wept like a baby. I was smothering him with kisses and making him promises of a better life when Graeson came by.  “He’s due for his second feeding, Lennie, would you like to feed him?”
“Thanks, Graeson, what’s his intake?”
“He gets one cup of dry and a half a can of wet 5 times a day.”
“I’ll be right back little buddy,” I said, anxious to do something for this sweet boy who captured my heart.

Lennie and Rex. (photo submitted)

Rex now gets a large milk bone every time I’m in his vicinity, which he immediately devours.  I visit him often in his cage and take him for walks and talks each chance I get.  On our last walk I asked Rex, “How are you doing?”
“I’m fine Uncle Lennie, I like it here and the people are so nice.”  “Someday you’ll be in a good home where people will love and care for you, the people here and Uncle Lennie will see to that.”
“Will there be food?” Rex asked.  I laughed and wrapped my arms around him.  “Yes, sweet boy, there’ll be food too.”
I’ll freely admit that I’m prejudice when it comes to this breed of dog but if you’re lucky enough and wise enough to become Rex’s forever parents, you’ll learn something I’ve always known.  You’ll experience the look of love that Boxers can express like none other and the ever popular dance of joy when he greets you.
I recently wrote that love is not enough, which is absolutely true, but I also stated that it’s the most important thing.
Thanks for listening.

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