Harmon Field needs attention

Published 6:15 pm Tuesday, September 11, 2012

To the editor:
In all my visits to Harmon Field I have never been so shocked by the total lack of upkeep as I have been recently. At first I just thought that someone was on vacation, but that was weeks ago and there have been no improvements made.
On my last walk yesterday, Sept. 10, I noticed many basic landscaping and repair issues. There are weeds and grass growing up on the track’s paved surface. The grass is growing up over the track on the edges of the pavement.
In the children’s play area the mulch is in terrible condition. There are huge holes from the rain and the grass and weeds are overgrowing within the fenced area. I have never seen grass and weeds growing in there before.
On the wooden walkway behind the picnic area there is a warped board that has pulled up and exposed several rusty nails. By that point I was so disgusted with the appearance of the facility I didn’t dare walk around the horse stalls.
I am sure the care and maintenance of such a large facility is hard work but it doesn’t look like anybody out there is doing any work at all or all the equipment is broken.
There are a lot of people who frequent Harmon Field and every resident of Polk County pays for the privilege to use it. I think it should be worth the expense. I think the mayor of Tryon and the Harmon Field board members should have a picnic out there today and see what they think.
– Brandy Quay, Columbus

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