Ballad of a family’s closeness

Published 6:09 pm Tuesday, September 11, 2012

While many ballads in the Dark Corner told of killings, accidents, natural disasters or other tragedies, there were others which revealed deeply felt closeness in family relationships.
One of the best known, and most often sung, of these was “Family Reunion in Heaven.” It was a staple rendition in numerous Gospel sings for many years.

Family Reunion in Heaven
One day Daddy whispered to Mother,
“Go get our children,” he said.
Mother came out on the porch then
And called Jim and me to his bed.
We knew that for years he’d been failing;
His hands shook, his voice trembled, too.
And oh, how sad was this meeting,
The last time we’d see him, we knew.
With tears in his eyes, Daddy whispered,
“Boys, I must go on my way.
Take care of your sweet, precious Mother;
For she, too, must leave you some day.
“Remember the things I have taught you,
In Christ’s love, you’ll always abide.”
These were the last words he uttered;
A smile crossed his face, then Dad died.
Mom and Dad were always together,
Love abode in each heart;
Soon Mother went to join Daddy,
God just couldn’t keep them apart.
The years rolled along, but I drifted;
‘Til one day I heard Jesus call.
I remembered the things Dad had taught me;
I listened, and God saved my soul.
Now Jim, too, is living for Jesus;
And oh how happy we’ll be
When we all meet up in heaven—
Jim, Daddy, Mother and me.

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