Town, state shut down Tryon ABC store

Published 6:56 pm Monday, September 10, 2012

The Tryon ABC Store was closed by the town and state on Friday, Sept. 7. (photo by Barbara Tilly)

State conducting audit of store
Tryon’s ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) store was shut down Friday, Sept. 7 by the town and the state.
A sign on the door reads, “Closed until further notice.”
Tryon Mayor Alan Peoples said the town has asked for an inventory and audit of the store. He also said the store was closed and the locks have been changed.
All the money from the store was given to the Tryon ABC Board, and state officials have indicated they will be in town either this week or next week to conduct an audit.
Peoples said the store will be closed at least this week and possibly next week as well until the audit and inventory is complete.
It was just last year that town council expressed concerns about the future of the town’s ABC store as a result of  declining revenue.
Town officials said last year the relocation of the store and the closing of several restaurants in town had caused declines in revenue.
ABC stores are regulated by the state in North Carolina, with some revenues going to town operations. In Tryon’s case, the majority of profits go to the town, although some go to Harmon Field.
Tryon held a town-wide election on Oct. 2, 1951 in order to open the town-operated ABC store, which is run by a three-member volunteer board.
The only other ABC store in Polk County is located in Columbus.

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