ID not required to vote

Published 4:07 pm Monday, September 10, 2012

To the editor:
With the extremely important presidential election being held in November, I must raise an alarm about Polk County’s voter list.
When voting in the recent runoff election I found my dead husband’s name still on the voter list in the computer.
Who has been voting in his stead to keep his name active?  How many dead people are voting in Polk County?
This is what happens when voter ID is not required.  Every illegal vote is an assault on our election process and affects everyone in this county – and this year everyone in the country, as this is known to happen in every state.
In North Carolina an ID is required to get a library card,  but none is required in order to vote?   For those who object to a voter ID requirement, remember, it is your vote that is stolen when the election process is corrupted.
– Vera Drehman, Tryon

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