Always Tryon effort not helped by town’s website

Published 5:03 pm Tuesday, August 28, 2012

To the editor:
Finally, concerned citizens of Tryon have met and are organized and have begun the process of meeting and developing ways to revitalize our community. There is a tremendous wealth of experience and talent locally from these volunteers that can now be utilized to create solutions and reenergize our town.
One thing that runs counter to this effort is our Town of Tryon tourist site, It is still up and running and being promoted, yet virtually the entire site except for one article have not been updated or any new events posted for approximately a year. In its present form, it presents a distorted and inaccurate view of what to do in Tryon for prospective visitors.
As a result, I urge the Town of Tryon, or the powers that be, to correct this long neglected resource as soon as possible or at least take down the website temporarily and stop promoting Tryon in its present form.
– Rolfe Wardner, Tryon

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