Tryon agrees to pay for half of Lake Lanier carp

Published 5:31 pm Friday, August 24, 2012

The Town of Tryon has agreed to pay for half of the costs to place carp in Lake Lanier in order to control weeds and algae.
Tryon Town Council met Tuesday, Aug. 21 and by a split vote decided to contribute up to $3,000 to place carp in the lake this year. The town also said it will pay for a ¼ of the costs of carp next year, but nothing in the future.
Commissioners Wim Woody and George Baker voted for the motion and commissioners Doug Arbogast and Roy Miller voted against. Mayor Alan Peoples broke the tie in favor of the town helping to pay for the carp.
Town council discussed the problem with Lake Lanier Civic Association (LLCA) President Allen Smith, who said since last year the weed and algae problem has doubled.
Smith recommended there be 600 carp placed in the lake. Smith said the LLCA has received a quote to receive 600 carp at $9 per carp, or $5,400 total.
Smith originally said the LLCA would pay $1,400 and asked the town to pay $4,000.
Miller asked Smith if the LLCA has asked anyone else for funding, like the state or Greenville County. Smith said he has asked the state but not Greenville County, saying that would be a waste of time.
“Before we spend $4,000 of the citizens’ money, my recommendation is that you open dialogue with Greenville County,” said Miller.
Arbogast added that if the citizens of Tryon had use of the lake the town may feel differently about contributing to the problem.
Smith said the weed and algae problem is going to get worse and now is the time to stock the carp. The LLCA has done extensive research on solutions, including looking into chemicals approved for reservoirs. Smith said no one at the lake is in favor of solving the problem with chemicals.
“It’s your water source,” Smith said. “We can split it 50/50 so we can do it this fall.”
Smith added that next year the LLCA can put more money in for carp because the association has started a special fund.
Arbogast said if every resident of the lake contributes $10  the rest of the money can be raised.
Miller said he is not inclined for the town to give any funding because the association has not gone to every resident of the lake yet or Greenville County.
Peoples mentioned that several years ago the town spent $10,000 to stock carp in the lake and no one else contributed anything. He said he felt better about the town paying for half of the costs.
The town owns the lakebed that is located just across the state line in Greenville County, S.C. and draws water from the lake as its main source of drinking water, including supplying water to lake residents as well as residents in the town and township. Tryon officials have struggled for years over enforcement of lake zoning due to the costs of enforcing an area that doesn’t contribute to the town’s tax base.

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