We the people

Published 6:04 pm Tuesday, August 21, 2012

To the editor:
We the people need to take a look at how we’re supporting government spending. Is it not our taxes that are paying salaries, etc.? We need to draw a simple comparison between our own lives and budgets and those of the government our money is supporting.
If we spent our time trying to convince our employers how good we are, we would be quickly fired, for our employers judge us by our output, not our talk. And we definitely would no longer have a job if we ran around the country trying to convince others how good we are, expecting our employer to foot the bill. Who is paying for all the Secret Service men – the planes, hotels, food, etc.? I don’t choose my employees by what they say but by the results of what they do – and on the recommendation of trusted friends.
We have incredible means of communication today – this isn’t the 1800s. If we didn’t support all this traveling all over the country and simply turned our TVs on, we would save ourselves tons of money.
We need to step up to the plate and start cutting expenses of a government that is out of control. How long is your business going to last if you are borrowing for day-to-day expenses? Borrowing to pay the interest on your loans? And you and I can’t take from our fellow citizens to meet those obligations. If we could, we could afford to pay more taxes also.
This is not about party lines – this is about a system that has jumped the track, and we the people are supporting it. We are the employers – what are we going to do about it?
For starters, if no one went to these political gatherings, that would send a clear message that even if government can’t control their spending, we the people know how to live within our means and control how our taxes are spent.
As employers, what else can we do? This is our responsibility. If you keep paying for my extravagant spending, why should I change?
– Beverly Stalter, Columbus

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