Jane, a life worth saving

Published 3:09 pm Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jane (photo submitted)

She was brought in as a stray on June 5, a beautiful chocolate and white pointer mix, approximately 1 ½ to 2 years of age.  She was lovable and anxious to play and interact but her heart couldn’t take it.  She was diagnosed with a high level heart murmur and sent to Dr. Magsino at Cloverfield vet.  Maria advised F.H.S. that she had PDA (Patent ductus arterious) a life threatening condition.
I was aware of Jane but did not have much interaction, to be honest there were too many other things going on for a one on one with her, so at the time I did not know of her problems.  Lani approached me during one of my shifts and asked, “Lennie, do you know Jane?”  “Sure Lani,” I answered, “she’s the sweet pointer mix in #10.”  “She’s sick, Lennie,” Lani went on and proceeded to explain all her problems.
I learned that the vet hospital at the University of Georgia had the expertise to perform the delicate operation.  “Can you help, Lennie?” Lani said hopefully.  “Of course Lani, that’s what my funds are for.”  “It’s expensive Lennie, $500 for the evaluation and 2 to 3 thousand for the operation.”  “I have about $3,000 in my shelter fund and if need be, I could add a few hundred from my personal fund. You call Kathy Toomey, tell her I okayed it and set it up.”  My dear friend Lani has a way of letting me know when an animal is very special to her, she’s done it before but she is very stingy with her hugs. She tearfully hugged me, “thank you Lennie.”  “You’d better watch that girl,” I said laughing, “you’ll lose your name bulldog.”  “Never” she answered defiantly.
All the wheels went into motion and Emily Clark (Smiley) took Jane to Georgia and learned that the operation was doable and brought her back because it wasn’t scheduled for another week.  The following week Emily brought her back and the operation was scheduled for the next day.  All the staff and students fell madly in love with our Jane and Sashia Houghton, a son to be vet, is fostering her as she recoups.  Another has also applied for adoption, so it seems we may not see our sweet Jane anymore.
Meanwhile, Emily (bless her heart) has put Jane on our face book page asking for donations for Jane.  As of this writing over $500 has been raised which means my funds will not be wiped out and for that my kids thanks you all.
The title of this tale is “A life worth saving” and anyone who has met Jane would certainly agree with that.  Just a few short years ago animals such as Jane and others like her would not have had a chance.  You wonderful supporters out there have made this possible.
God bless you all and thanks for listening.

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