L.G. (Little Girl), a fabulous effort

Published 9:42 am Friday, July 27, 2012

L.G. (Little Girl) (photo submitted)

I received the call about L.G., the beautiful and loving 8-year- old calico, a few months ago. I was told she had diabetes and was failing, if I could help get her well and regulated they would gladly take her back.  I had her brought to Landrum vet under Lennie’s Fund and visited her often.  She rewarded my visits with head butts and deep purrs, ever grateful for human contact. Meanwhile I tried to contact L.G.’s owners to keep them apprised of her progress, to no avail.  By the second week she was pronounced ready to go home but still neither the clinic or I could reach the owners.  It soon became a month and it was obvious that either the owners changed their minds or I was lied to, which by the way, whoever you are, wasn’t necessary.
I had so much going on, how was I to find a home for an 8-year-old diabetic cat, as beautiful and as sweet as she was.  I called my dear friend Dana Meyer, who heads Po’Kitties, among other things, and has been a rock helping me place animals over the years. “I’ll put her on the internet and try to contact diabetic cat rescue,” Dana told me.  “Thanks Dana, I hate to see her in that cage for so long. “I’ve met her Lennie,” Dana replied, “she is a sweet girl.”
Two more weeks went by and I learned from Dana that diabetic cat rescue was not receiving any cats at this time.

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