Foothills Humane Society seeks help for surgery

Published 10:50 am Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jane (photo submitted)

Jane is a joyful 2-year-old pointer mix with a vibrant, playful personality and a serious heart condition. She was brought into Foothills Humane Society (FHS) as a stray in June. Friendly, smart and eager to learn, Jane progressed quickly through the FHS training programs, but FHS officials said it soon became apparent that something was not quite right with her heart.
Jane has a level 5-6 heart murmur and must be totally confined, as any exertion on her part could lead to heart failure and death. She has a PDA (patent ductus arteriosus), an extra vessel that is supposed to dissolve at birth but did not in her case. This allows some blood to flow back into her heart before it gets to the tissues, which results in permanent heart damage and heart failure.
The surgery to fix this is relatively simple but expensive, FHS said. It will involve going into the chest and basically cutting out the vessel. The recovery period is about two weeks. According to FHS, the long-term prognosis for dogs treated surgically is good. Most pets are clinically normal following surgery.
The University of Georgia Vet Hospital in Athens, Ga. has examined Jane and is ready to perform this lifesaving surgery. One of the students at the vet hospital offered to foster her for the two weeks of recovery. FHS said someone has already completed an application for Jane. This person is in line after the foster in Athens.
FHS said Jane needs to have this surgery as soon as possible, so the required $3,500 for the surgery needs to be raised quickly. To make a donation, visit
For more information on Foothills Humane Society, call 828-863-4444 or visit or the organization’s Facebook page (
– article submitted by Joyce Cox

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