Tryon take care of Lake Lanier

Published 4:43 pm Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To the editor:
In reference to the July 2 article, “lake Lanier overrun with algae, users say,” we wish to make three points:
1.The citizens in the Town of Tryon actually use Lake Lanier daily – every time they wash dishes, bathe, prepare a meal, etc. Please note that Lake Lanier residents pay the highest of three tiers of billing for water with no say so in this issue.
2. We were raised to believe you take care of your belongings. The Town of Tryon owns the lakebed and the water. It seems it should be the town’s responsibility to take care of it.
3. It appears the Tryon Town Council is just as helpful, creative and effective in dealing with this issue as they are in helping resurrect a dying downtown area.
– Pete and Zelda Howell, Landrum (Lake Lanier)

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