Chloe Mae gets wheels

Published 9:45 am Friday, July 13, 2012

Chloe Mae and her cart. (photo submitted)

It was 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 3rd.  The following day was Independence Day and Landrum vet was packed with clients seeing to their pets before the holiday.  Vets, vet techs and staff members were hustling about trying to see that each person and pet received proper and prompt service.  There was a buzz about as people spoke to their animals and those seeing to their care.
I had just met with Johnny, Chloe’s owner, this sweet man had rescued her as a pup and was totally devoted to her well being.  As we walked in carrying Chloe, everything seemed to go into slow motion.  The buzzing ceased and all eyes were on this magnificent and courageous little Chihuahua who was born missing her two front legs.  Chloe was placed on the ground and she began her kangaroo hop toward any person or dog who would give her attention.   Her head was held high and her tail was wagging and the look of joy and adventure on her face brought oohs and aahs throughout the clinic.  For a moment everyone forgot about their own pets as I answered many questions asked.  Chloe’s fearless lust for life is infectious and in some way reminds me of Coffee, who is now Lulu.
Since everyone was busy I went in to retrieve Chloe’s cart and wheels which arrived earlier in the afternoon.  Johnny and I looked at the instructions, figured out the procedure and placed it on her.  Chloe was a bit confused but was game.  When we put her down she tried to do her hop, picked up the cart and flipped over with it.  A great big ooh came in unison from everyone watching. 

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