Morris kidnapped?

Published 9:27 am Saturday, June 9, 2012

This past Saturday, Tryonites awoke to a bizarre sight. Anyone driving on Trade Street at the corner of Pacolet might have had to look twice… something was missing, something wasn’t quite right.

This sawhorse appeared over the weekend in downtown Tryon in the spot normally occupied by Morris the Horse. (photo by Crys Armbrust)

In a daring pre-dawn heist early last Saturday, as the community slept, and after the revelers from the annual Blue Ridge BBQ had gone home, brazen kidnappers were able to spirit away the town’s beloved symbol and landmark, Morris the Tryon Horse.

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In his place, a tall white sawhorse was erected, looming menacingly in place of the beloved mascot (see the photo right). The Bulletin has received a ransom note stating the kidnappers’ demands (see below).

Officials are baffled as to how the bandits were able to accomplish their nefarious deed. Police Chief Jeff Arrowood was at a loss.

“The Tryon Police Department will work relentlessly to follow all leads to the whereabouts of Morris.  Believe me, no stone will go unturned,” Arrowood said.
Interim Manager Joey Davis also agreed the town would work to get to the bottom of the situation.