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Published 10:57 am Friday, June 1, 2012

Romney is unsuitable for the U.S. presidency not because he is Mormon and enormously wealthy but because he is an imperialist, a warmonger and is very careless with facts and truth.
For him to blame Obama for the economic crisis is to deny the cause and effect of the Bush/Cheney years and the economic history since the “Reaganomics” mindset.
If our middle class is further decimated in favor of the wealthy few and business and industry without government regulations, we risk anarchy at worst, rampant crime at best.
We have seen it before in American history and the world at large.
Romney appears to be ignorant of constitutional law, foreign affairs, international trade, diplomacy, peacemaking and the legitimate aspirations of other nations and peoples. Our country can lead in these vital concerns only if we are respected and trusted.
It looks now as though our choice in November will be between a demagogue (Romney) and a statesman (Obama). The world watches.
– Mary Neal Jones, Columbus

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