Using common sense and caution in a small town

Published 10:50 am Friday, May 25, 2012

My Saluda column today has absolutely nothing to do with what I’d planned to write about for  this month’s extra column. An incident happened at dinnertime this evening and set off the ‘light bulb’ effect: this seemed a timely thing to write about, to remind us all of being careful in today’s world.
Standing in the kitchen, T-shirt and shorts on after a day of climbing ladders and gutter cleaning (which is NOT my favorite task!), and an afternoon of painting, I was putting together a meal for an evening repast, glad to call it quits. Suddenly, the door bell rang. Figuring it was a neighbor, I hurried to answer-flung the front door open: and  found two strange men staring at me. In matching blue T-shirts, both were clean-cut enough that I thought fleetingly they might be making a church call. I’d never seen either one around town, though, so that sent my radar screen up.
Now, having lived in Saluda this long, I’ve been pretty lucky over what and who does come to my door…usually not those of ill intent: although I’m savvy to what and does happen out there in the world. With no Shar-pei guard dog as protection underfoot, I stood inside the doorway and asked what they wanted; not concerned just yet, just cautious: figuring they might be wanting landscaping work.

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