A very blessed man

Published 11:50 am Friday, May 25, 2012

It has been more than 30 years since I’ve had an extended vacation.  It’s not that the opportunities haven’t risen, it’s just that I deemed other things  had higher priority.  I haven’t any complaints, I like to think that the good Lord merely altered my bucket list.
Last year, without my knowledge, my wife Elaine began saving her Social Security checks and a few months ago surprised me with a dream I never thought I would fulfill.
“Lennie,” she said, “you’re going on a trip this year and you cannot take any of your work along with you.”  Elaine and I often tease each other, so I laughed and hugged her, “Where am I going, dear?”  She looked up into my eyes with a deep love and I knew instantly she wasn’t teasing.  “You’re going to Alaska, darling,” she said with a smile of pride that shook my soul.
From the middle of June to the first of July, Tryon Daily Bulletin will run two of my previous Special Cases.  You as readers and supporters can have a say in which stories they will be by contacting Samantha Hurst at the Bulletin and letting her know your preference.
The folks at Tryon Estates are even more excited than I am about my fundraiser, which will be this Sunday, May 26.  Many have expressed a desire to be there who have not returned tickets to me or haven’t purchased one yet.  Extra dinners have been purchased to accommodate those who get to me late or wish to purchase tickets at the event.  Come and enjoy the experience of being around so many like minded people and help give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.
Last Thursday I went to Parker Binns Winery to visit the new home of Coffee, who is now Lulu.  My beautiful little girl is being pampered and loved to the nth degree.  She has 35 acres to run and explore with Bob and Karen.  The look of pure joy on her face as she ran and tried to jump into my arms was heaven to me.  Karen told me, every single person at their last wine tasting event took the opportunity to hold Lulu in their arms.  Each person was rewarded with her never ending wagging tail and all the kisses they wanted.
“I feel like she’s been here forever,” Karen said to me.
“I just cannot imagine life without her.”  Seeing Lulu now and the thought of this beautiful and loving creature being tied up and neglected under a porch stirred me to my bones.  I scooped her up again and said, “Are you happy, little girl?”  “Yes Uncle Lennie, I love my new home and new mom and dad, I am having so much fun.”
As I was set to leave, Karen came over to hug me and said, “Bless you Lennie.”  “Thank you dear,” I replied and thought to myself, “She could never know what a very blessed man I already am.”
Thanks for listening.

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