Beautifying Columbus

Published 5:19 pm Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To the editor:
This is a long-overdue letter to express my thanks for all those involved in the planting of beautiful trees along Route 108 in Columbus. I pass the trees several times each day and never fail to appreciate the trees themselves and those who made them possible. I am also grateful to see the innovative watering system and am pleased that I see the green bags regularly being refilled with water to ensure even and sufficient moisture.
There have been several improvements in the almost ten years since we moved to Columbus. The tall signs have been lowered. The two roundabouts have been created and now boast mature plantings. Garden clubs have planted and maintain flowers in various vantage spots. We have trees and bushes at Exit 67 on I-26 that enhance the view as one approaches Columbus. And now we have the trees. These are things that I see every day. I am sure there are more.
We appreciate the Town of Columbus and the Polk County Appearance Commission for writing the grant requesting funding for the trees. The Columbus Town Council fully supported this project. The Polk County Community Foundation awarded a grant for beautification of Columbus and the Department of Transportation provided supplemental funds through the North Carolina 108 Beautification Project.
The Appearance Commission has actively fostered beautification in all of Polk County and has done well to recognize the commercial establishments that have beautified their surroundings. All of us benefit from the fruits of their endeavors. The county seat of beautiful Polk County is now more attractive. Kudos to all, and may this progress continue.
– Patricia Gass, Columbus